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December 2013

Jean Bernard print house automated its prepress information flows to save time and increase reliability.

The process improvement is now reliable, secured and the information shared. «No data is lost… 100% of reliability» stresses Mr. Youen Deshayes. Thus time, and so money, is saved on every file: «We save up to 3 minutes per file. Now we generate 300 files per month with an average basket of 3 000€. Therefore, we save up to 15 hours a month.” confirms Mr Youen Deshayes.

June 2013

Vestalia Success Story at 2013 Graphitec TV Emission

For the first time ever GRAPHITEC opens a TV studio. This year a TV show will be dedicated to Mister Cheneau from Vestalia.

January 2013

"Implementing EmaPlan at Jednosc has truly helped secure customers’ delivery dates." testifies Priest Skorupa, Director.

The Graphisoft Scheduling Module (EmaPlan) usually manages more than 200 open jobs meaning 2000 tasks simultaneously, in real-time! These tasks are likely to move around depending on new events all the time: new jobs, machine availability, unexpected operations... Instantly, he/she knows if all jobs can be delivered on time or if delays are expected, in such cases he can look for solutions long in advance (increase working time, subcontracting…)

April 2012

Imprimerie Rochelaise is a clear winner of the ‘2012 CIPPI Award’

Imprimerie Rochelaise is nominated as the winner of the 2012 CIPPI Award for “Best cost/benefit realization and improvement in efficiency as a result of process automation implementation”. This JDF integration Project involved four leading vendors: Rhapso, AGFA, manroland, and KBA.

April 2010

« L’imprimerie La Rochelaise » relies on Graphisoft to sustain its development...

« L’imprimerie La Rochelaise » combines both Time Optimization and Performance. The company relies on Graphisoft to sustain its development and decided pretty early to bet on state-of-the-art technologies from Rhapso …

January 2009

Break through in France: LNG is implementing JDF-based process integration with Prinect and Graphisoft

Family-run printing plant LNG elected to modernise its production flow in 2008. Based in Nantes, France, the business has a total workforce of 31. The company made significant investments in Heidelberg printing presses and a Prinect Integration workflow. It also acquired the Graphisoft Management Information System (MIS) enabling process automation in Job Definition Format (JDF).

May 2008

Graphisoft at TAAG Printers, the story started in 1985 with the estimating module

TAAG started its collaboration with Graphisoft in 1985 with the Estimating Module. At this time, it was critical fro TAAG to develop business reactivity in order to increase its revenues. In 2005 TAAG Printers went for implementing Production Management in real time with the “Intégrale” product line. The sales team pushed hard into this direction as they wanted to instantly update clients regarding jobs in progress.